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Search Engine Positioning and Optimizing For Dentists, dental Clinics and Orthodontic Practices

SEO (search engine optimization) is a must, to make  a website visible. Dental SEO is cery important to make website of your practice or clinic "search engine friendly". Permant effort will increases the potential for attaining top search engine rankings. SEO is linkbuilding, the offer of dental related content and the secrets of algorithms of the general search engines to give a maximum for users and earn a top positioning of your dental websites.

Dental Social Media Marketing Campaigns - Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Youtube - Google+

We can help yor to create your own fanpage and help you determine where to concentrate your dental social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimation
Many patients worldwide search by internet, to find dentist. They check referrals of other patients, search for special treatments, like metal free or holistic treatments, for mini-implants, minimal invasive surgery or  treatments of dentist anxiety or dental fear. Top positioning is the most important point, to be found by internet.

Search engine optimization is not done on a fixed and safe way. The search engines are changing and updating their searc algorythms very often. With long experience in this field and as a dental related company, we are able to offer you a perfect way to this result.


More than 80% of the visitors click your site by search query. Most of this vistors do not look further than the first result page of the search engine.

What means DENTAL SEO?

Seo ist the qualified working on the website content, including teyt, pictures, movies and makes this content visible for the crawlers and spiders of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines.

We incorporate the keyword to Title, description and Metatags, we check the keyword density and we have a closer look to the practices and clinics, who are on top of your page. We are using Google Analytics and many SEO Tools, to find oot, how to increase the position of your website.

Your potential patients are looking for you online so make sure they can find you. Many dental practices either don't implement SEO, or don't do it well.

Organic Search Results

We do not use the payed results on advertisements like Google AdWords. We try our best to let your practice website as an organic result on the first result page.

Overview of Work Performed

We consult you as a dentist, to tell us, which keywords are important for you.Below is a concise list of the methods we use which have proven effective consistently over time.

• we check your site and the position of your hompepage, related to the competitors and other dentists

• we check your content and support you and yur team with needed information

• we develope a list of keywords and phrases for your patients

• we check the needed linkbuiding from dental related websites

• we optimize the content and the relevance for search engine users

• we check titles, description and metatags of all your sites

• we observe the results for six weeks and do the necessary steps

• we offer todo lists for your webmaster

• associate the website with its given industry

• we monitor the SERPS - Search Engine Results Page" -  and refine SEO as needed

• we send you weekly reports about the results of our efforts.

Do your website needs any SEO?
That's easy; simply use our free online utility to find your site's positions. Click the button at right and enter your website domain, your city and a specialty. If your website isn't found in the first 10 results, you need SEO.

Our dental related sdditional services

• original content copywriting - we guarantee no duplicate content

• complete new websites built in CMS systems like Typo3 or similar.

• developement of  logo & graphics

100% performance guaranteed for our DENTAL SEO

We will charge you, when your website is lifted by the first keywords to the first result page, not before!

You can choose between a fair and transparent pricing. We are in the internet business since 1996.

All Dentists, orthodontists and dental clinics have similar challenges to achieve a higher ranking by SEO. In bigger cities you have hundrets of dental offices, but only a maximum of seven dentists can be found on the first result page.

We also use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and othe Social Media sites to place your practice and place links.

The search engines make hundreds of changes  per year. We check the results and react in terms of Google.

We are using our own three dentist databases, seven blogs, 31 dental related websites and our inhouse team to support our customers. We are cooperating witrh webdesigners, hosting companies and more than 60 German dentists to find out the needs and desired priorities.

SEO for Dentists = More Patients!

Using our powerful dental SEO service will promote your dental website, and give you maximum exposure for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Whether your budget is large or small, we offer an approach that will work for you.

Referrals  - Advices - Recommendations - References

We have two databases with the option to gather referrals of your own satisfied patients.

Expect: Dental Experience - • Analytical Approach - Expertise and Guidance

Dental Search Engine Optimization