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A warm welcome to our dental laboratory in Germany specialized in implant solutions.

Fair invoicing, creative employees and latest online communication by high definition - video.

If you are interested in our All on Four ®/ All on Six ® solutions on implants, please feel free to ask.
We make it our business to keep things interesting for our regular business partners by combining northern German reliability with a streak of humor. Our German dental laboratories operates in the city of Lubeck in northern Germany and in  Izmir in western Turkey.

Clients and patients can choose their brand new smile from solutions made in Germany and tailored to their financial situation. We also guarantee all imported cases 3 -5 years at our German dental laboratory, regardless of the kind of technology or used material.

We are specialized in metal free implant solutions, and computer navigated implant technology.

We deliver by GLS, DHL and TNT, regular or express service.

The cheapest express service is GLS. Delivery time 2 days only and 30.- EUR each way within Europe. A regular parcel up to 500g is 6,90.- EUR and takes up to five working days. 18 days turnaround time.

We are two master technicians and 30 German dental denticians in our German dental laboratory.

We own several companies in the dental field:

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Import / Export: and

Dental Laboratories:


We send an individual cost estimate for every case.

Laboratory prices in Euro including VAT. without transport

Non Precious Alloy frame with full ceramic cover


Precious Alloy Frame - 58% Au 

222,42 Herabest Heraeus

Non Precious / 3 - unit bridge with full ceramic cover


Precious Alloy frame -58% Au

677,38 / Herabest Heraeus

Zirkonium Crown (All Ceramics)


Zirkonium Bridge / 3 units


Telescoping Dentures

Coverdenture/2 telescoping crowns + 12 acrylic teeth 590,60


983,45 Precious Alloy

Teleskoping Denture with cobalt chrome frame

2 telescoping crowns


1046,31 Precious Alloy

Teleskoping Denture with cobalt chrome frame

4 telescoping crowns + 6 acrylic

1024,94 Non Precious Alloy

1811,09 Precious Alloy

Teleskoping Denture with cobalt chrome frame

6 telescoping crowns + 4 acrylic teeth

1396,63 Non Precious Alloy

2575,85 Precious Alloy

You can expect electroforming, primary telescopes in Zirconium and CAD/ CAM milled frame technology.

Denture attached on 2 crowns ( Canini ) by Preci attachments

2 non precious crowns, full ceramic cover, 2 Preci attachments, chrome cobalt frame, 8 acrylic posterior teeth:  783,07 /non precious   979,60 / Herabest

Cobalt Chrome Frame

2 Clasps/ up to 8 acrylic teeth 290,87

Optional flexible dentures invisible clasps:

Full Acrylic Denture 220.- EUR including 28 cross linked, three layer acrylic teeth.

Veneers - Pressable Ceramics - Onlays - Overlays - Inlays  - Mini Implants

Natural looking smiles and body compatibility of any dental solutions are essential for health, success and building confidence.

We love our job and the never ending challenge, creating unique smiles using the latest technology and a highly skilled team in our dental lab in Germany.

Contact us by phone, Skype, Tango, Facebook or Whatsapp. Alternatively send us an email, fax or use smoke-signals!

Get in touch to find out, what we can do for you.

Greetings from northern Germany

Stefan Witt


Your are a Dental technician? Interested to work in our dental laboratory in Germany?

If you enjoy a challenge, we will warmly welcome you in our Dental Lab in Luebeck, northern Germany. We can assist you, finding a room or apartment. If you enjoy a challenge, please feel free to contact us:
Mail: or phone. 0049 451 7907041

In addition, we are looking for a well skilled technician for our crown- and bridge department and our CAD/CAM design.
From October, we also need an additional technician for our removable / prosthetic department.

We love partnership, are open minded and count on Europe and a peaceful and multi national future.

We are specialized in pre-surgical case design, surgical guide stents, 3D navigated implant cases, screw retained hybrids ( all on four / all on six solutions ), attachment selection, overdentures & coordination of all aspects of combination implant and conventional C&B/Removable cases.

Visa and work or travel permits must be shown, before we can make any appointments.

Join our team! U R most welcome...